Book 3 - Journey to the Heart Centre

Book 3
  • Title: Journey to the Heart Centre
  • Sub-Title: Healing begins in the Heart
  • Author: John J. Rieger
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-9810900-6-1
  • Date Published: 2015-07-27
  • Publisher: Shenreed Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 460 (242,505 words)
  • Format: 6"x9" US Trade Paperback
  • Price: $24.95 US

  • eBook ISBN: 9780981090092
  • Date Published: July 27, 2016
  • eBook Price: was $2.99 US, now FREE
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This is the third book and completes the trilogy. While it can be considered my autobiography, it is also co-written as it contains numerous channeled messages that I received from my Spirit guides. I begin my story with a brief background of my significant life events and the issues I had that led up to the beginning of my journey in 1990. From there, my journey moves through my outer and then my inner search, that culminated in 1997, when I was introduced to the “Right Use of Will” material, that provided me with the key to the common thread I was searching for. After 1997, I began to keep more detailed journals and what I share are the thoughts, feelings and emotions I had, along with the trials and tribulations I went through that finally enabled me to experience my first two levels of healing, the first in 1999, and the second in the fall of 2000. My journey specifically focuses on four years (1997 - 2000) and the struggles I went through in trying to put the esoteric concepts from the “Right Use Of Will” books that I was reading, and the messages I was receiving from my Spirit guides, into action, into physical reality.

As you read my journey, you will see the gradual and oft times frustrating and repetitive processes I went through when I was struggling to identify and end my denials, and the different mini-healings and stages I needed to experience before I was ready to move to the next stage. In other words, I was never given more than I could handle, and I was never given anything more, until I handled what I had been given. It also reinforces the message that true healing is not a “quick fix,” and that the only way to heal is by ending ones denials. When I finally succeeded, it allowed me to find the key to what has eluded me in all my existence, that of actually manifesting unconditional self love and to feel the power that one possesses when one is not in denial and living in the “now” moment.

If you are able to feel and see what I’m going through and what I’m doing, and not doing on my journey, then you can use that as a guide to see what is going on with the issues in your life. Even though we have different experiences, deep down, the feelings of heartbreak, terror, anger and rage are the same and all are related to lack of self-acceptance and self-love. It is only your intent and dedication to heal and find self-love that will determine your journey. I suggest that these books be read in order but if you happened to be drawn to read this one first, you will need to read the others in order to understand and put the pieces of the puzzle together, as very little material is actually repeated in the three books.


John Rieger


John Rieger aka Shenreed

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Some Personal Background
  • Chapter 2 - 1990 - My Journey begins
  • Chapter 3 - 1997 - The Winds of Change
  • Chapter 4 - Emotions Begin to Surface
  • Chapter 5 - My Lost Child
  • Chapter 6 - Releasing the Old
  • Chapter 7 - 1998 - Transitions
  • Chapter 8 - Faltering Steps
  • Chapter 9 - A New Beginning
  • Chapter 10 - Owning My Feelings
  • Chapter 11 - The Power of Denial
  • Chapter 12 - 1999 - Going Deeper
  • Chapter 13 - My First Level of Healing
  • Chapter 14 - My Terror and Heartbreak
  • Chapter 15 - Survival and Circling
  • Chapter 16 - 2000 - The New millennium
  • Chapter 17 - Alone and Lost
  • Chapter 18 - My Second Level of Healing
  • Insights and Conclusion
  • Listing of Channeled Messages
  • About the Author

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