Next Book / Vlog - "The Empath's Dilemma"

Plan B

There's been a change in plans.

Plan B

Following the writing and the publishing of my three books; the next book I had planned to write was titled, “The Empaths’s Dilemma," but... for various reasons, it’s been side-lined and put on hold for the past seven years. Back in December 2014, I was involved in a MVA, and healing my body became my priority. That; followed by the global covid-19 “plan-demic” in 2020, further put my writing on hold.

Book 4

Presently, I have the uneasy feeling that time is running out, and that I need to share what needs to be shared, NOW... and not in a year or two after the book is published. To accomplish that, I feel the only solution is to create a VLOG. I also feel that a vlog has a different energy than the written word, in that it involves both sight and sound (energy, frequency and vibration). Saying that, it’s my intent that the videos will act as an amplified substitute for what would have been my next book. While the vlog will take time to expand its content, that’s not to say that there isn’t an abundance of related written information already posted on my blogs, the Heart Centre, and in my books, that will assist you on your journey.

Since posting my first video and editing my websites, I've decided to divide future Vlogs into four main categories; General, Fear and Terror, Heartbreak and Grief, and Anger and Rage. Each new video will be posted to one of these categoies and will have an ID number with the letter, "G" for General, "F" for Fear, "H" for Heartbreak and "A" for Anger, example, SV-102G, SV-103F, etc., followed by the title. Links to each category are located in the navigation menu at the top of this page. While I'll try to keep on topic, know that the issues in these catagories are intertwined.

The videos will be linked to my YouTube and BitChute channel for viewing and/or download. They will also be embeded on my Saysame Vlog where there will be added text regarding each video. I've also decided to uploaded them to my Facebook Group The Heart Centre, so if you're on FB, feel free to join the group. I intend to make most videos between three to five minutes in length, as I’d like them to be more of an inspiring, “food for thought” and self-help tutorial, rather than a lengthy monologue. Below is the "VLOG-Table of Contents" to the four basic categories, listing just some of the issues that will be discussed. There is also a "Description" page that provides a brief outline of the video. Clicking on the coloured link will take you to the videos that have been uploaded to that category.

Plan B

There's been a change in plans... AGAIN !

After a few months of vlogging, I’ve decided to post my last video “SV-149G - The Coming Changes.” The reason, again, is that I strongly feel that time is running out, and that no matter what is written or posted in a video, it’s not going to make any real difference. I feel everything has accelerated during the past three years with the Covid-19 plan-demic, and humanity (in general) has bought into the fear-mongering rhetoric and hysteria put out by the global governments, medical establishments and the media. As a result, most of humanity has gone even further into denial, and have accepted the propaganda as truth.

While a few people are having second thoughts about their choices, that “hindsight” is not enough to undo what they have done to themselves and to others. I feel that now, instead of choosing to try the easier route to heal and empower themselves, they will have to experience the reflection of their denials.

I also feel that major changes will be happening soon that will shake humanity to the core. Some will be man-made that will add to what has already transpired with the plan-demic. Other changes will be with the Earth herself, in the way of storms, floods, droughts, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. And no, it’s NOT climate change, it’s Earth’s way of cleansing herself of unloving denial energy. These changes will create an economic disaster and social upheaval, as electricity, fuel and transportation are affected. With no electricity, banks, cellphones, internet, stores, food and service supplies, etc, are shut down and people will lose their jobs and homes. Still other changes will be in the exposing of deliberate lies, denials and cover-ups, including our history, ET’s and more. These coming changes will affect everyone and everything on and in the Earth.

I’ve now decided to change my intent, and to focus my time and energy on where I left off in my journey, and address the issues I’ve been unconsciously (and some consciously) denying and avoiding, like healing my Body and chakras, as well as recovering lost essence, powers, gifts and talents. This will be new territory for me, but it also ties into what I’ve already experienced. Part and parcel of this journey into the unknown is to help co-create a new reality, a Heaven on Earth.

I don’t know if I’ll be making any more videos, or adding more content to my websites, only time will tell. For those now wanting information on healing and self-empowerment, my material will still be available on my websites, blogs, vlogs and books. So for now, all I can say is... release your expectations, take a risk, and expect the unexpected.

Love, Light and Sound,



VLOG - Table of Contents

Vlog Descriptions

This page provides a brief description of what is discussed in each video. The videos are listed in chronological order and the number and title are colour coded to match the categories listed here. To view the video, click on the number/title and it will take you to the category page and the link.


Love, connection, joy, happiness, excitement, attachments, acceptance, denial, guilt, shame, trauma, sub-conscious, intent, healing, compassion, empathy, judgments, expectation, frustration, habits, body issues, illness, pain, fatigue, sex, drugs, escape, imprints, programs, beliefs, relationships, children, energy, chakras, auras, gifts, talents, hindsights, insights, understandings.

Fear & Terror

Shock, surprise, confusion, frozen, doubt, alarm, panic, stress, powerless, helpless, anxiety, attacked, trauma, disgust, fight, run, hide, no trust, phobias, suspicious, weak, self-critical, judgments, no courage.


Grief, depression, confusion, unloved, unwanted, alone, abandonment, sadness, loss, remorse, hopelessness, self-hatred, unworthy, withdrawn, disheartened, passion, nostalgic, bitter, no passion, no desire.

Anger & Rage

Annoyed, aggressive, threatening, intimidation, interrogation, Oh-poor-me, aloft, passive aggressive, vexed, bitter, resentment, revenge, force, blame, conflict, power, control, jealousy, gaslighting, narcissists, anticipation, cruelty, ruthless, smug, indifference, unloving.

The Empath's Dilemma


Hi. My name is John Rieger; but I also go by my pen name, Shenreed. I’m an empath, so from personal experience, I know the issues Empaths face when so-called “negative” feelings and emotions are expressed. Years ago, when my personal life and small business world collapsed, I became frustrated with my life and traditional dogma, and began my spiritual journey, my search for truth, love, and the meaning of life. 

My metaphysical journey is an eclectic blend of science and spirituality; crossing various topics from New Age, metaphysical, psychology, physical issues, emotions, relationships, self-help, to social issues and more. In my search, I’m both the observer and the subject. I ponder what I see, hear, read, think and feel, and when I think I might have the solution to my issue, I try it to see if it works. After years of trial and error, what I discovered was that my so-called “negative” feelings and emotions were not the cause of my problems and issues, or my flaws or weakness, but my power, and were directly related to my denials of them.

These videos are for Empaths who have a difficult time trying to fit into the “duality” of present day society because they have feelings and emotions that are generally deemed to be “negative.” They have issues in maintaining everyday relationships without feeling they have to sacrifice themselves to make others happy in order to be accepted and not rejected or attacked.

They’re in a constant struggle and feel they’re on a not-so-merry-go-round, and don’t know how to get off. Modern medicine (Mental Health) is of no help to an Empath seeking to understand their feelings and emotions, and who desire to change and empower themselves. Frustrated, they’ve tried drugs (prescription and illegal) cigarettes, alcohol, food, work, exercise, hobbies, pets, sleep, sex, religion, social media, or whatever other form of distraction they think will help; but have found them to be only a temporary quick fix solution.

Empaths have gifts and talents that they deny and are afraid to share, as they too are generally not accepted. By far, the most important attribute of the Will (Soul) of an Empath is the innate ability to feel the presence (the energy) of love and unlovingness. This is a major part of the Empaths dilemma, as they really don’t know how to deal with people that are unloving, but who pretend and claim they are. They often fall prey to narcissistic gaslighting people who have unloving intent and will tell Empaths what and how to feel and think, and to have them deny their truth and real expression in order to control them.

Empaths also have the ability (empathy) to actually feel what another person is feeling, including their emotional, physical and mental state of being, and unknowingly, they also tend to take on another person’s energy as their own, and don’t know how to resolve the conflict. Empaths also possess psychic abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, precognition, channeling, telekinesis, telepathy, etc, and having them also makes them feel different and that something is wrong with them.

How to address the dilemma I’ve described has been the focus of my journey, blogs, books, and now my vlogs, that I hope will serve as an inspiration and a self-help tutorial to enable Empaths to begin to understand, heal and empower themselves; to live the life they desire, and not merely survive.

Love, Light and Sound,


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